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Owning a gun may not be all the protection that you need. An innocent gun owner has the potential to face legal repercussions for using their weapon in self-defense, even in their own home. Don’t let this fact turn into enormous legal fees and possible jail time for you or your loved ones. Trust that the experts at Patriot Legal Protection, LLC will defend your Constitutional rights. We proudly offer comprehensive and affordable prepaid legal plans to clients throughout the United States. When choosing the security of Patriot Legal Protection, you can be confident that you’ll receive the personalized service and legal solutions that you need.

Our Benefits

  • Unlimited legal fees
  • A highly qualified lawyer in your area
  • $3000 in immediate bond money
  • Up to $200/day wage reimbursement during trial
  • 24/7 hotline should you use your firearm in self-defense


To better help our prospective clients understand our Fort Worth firearm legal services, we at Patriot Legal Protection have created this page of FAQ’s. We wish to provide you with firearm legal protection you deserve.

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Member Benefits

When you are forced to use your firearm for self-defense, we are here to protect your constitutional rights. At Patriot Legal Protections, we proudly offer and affordable legal services to responsibly armed citizens.

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Self Defense

Are you protected? One of the many reasons individuals choose to own a firearm is for self-defense. In the event their lives, loved ones, or property is endangered, having a firearm can be life-saving. Add an extra layer of…

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